Originally, from Montreal, Danièle Bellemare Lee has experimented with many art forms. She obtained her master degree in movie script writing at the University Paris-Sorbonne in 2000 and has since, continued developing and studying in the field of documentary film making. Reflexions, fire and water are recurring themes in her experimental work. Art films and documentaries are her fields of predilection. Together with the painter Maria Niermann-Schubert, she developed the concept of motion painting; a video interpretation of painted art.

Her first feature film « Von Narren und Hexen » (Of Jesters and Witches) marks the beginning of her career as a documentary film maker. The film played several weeks in cinemas in southern Germany.

Exploring Canadian studio glass is her second documentary feature film and sets fire and ice as central aspects in contemporary canadian art glass, an often underestimated medium.